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 A union isn't something we have.   It's who we are. 

MNA-UMPNC Nurses are showing up and  demanding change.

 Activism, Collaboration, Transparency--   It's time to ACT.

Goals and Vision

Be the Change

The ACT Caucus is a growing group of MNA-UMPNC nurses working together to build a stronger, more empowered union.

Activism - Collaboration - Transparency

  • Open Communication: Members need and deserve prompt, informative, two way communication, in which the voices of members are actively solicited and engaged with. 


  • Fundamentally Member Driven: The strength of our union depends on the active participation of our entire membership. We seek to empower those members and work to resolve issues and generate solutions at the grassroots level, driven by the ideas and needs of MNA-UMPNC members.​

  • Community, Leadership, & Inclusion: Rather than accepting a concentration of power at "the top" of our internal union structure, we are dedicated to raising up diverse layers of leadership and opportunities for member engagement and input. Through activism, inclusion, engagement, and education, we strive to make positive contributions to our workplace and community.

  • Accountability: We pledge to hold ourselves and our elected union leaders accountable to these ideals, rejecting complacency and pairing our demand for better with our persistent efforts to actively build better.

We have the power to shape the future of our union.

Together, we can make our union stronger and more effective,

and ensure that our voices are heard in the workplace and beyond.

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