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Our Candidates

This slate both arose from and is backed by a growing number of MNA-UMPNC members...

"We believe that a strong nursing union is essential to improving patient care and ensuring the well-being of nurses." - UMPNC Elections 2023

Our Mission

Our Platform

UMPNC Elections 2023 is committed to advocating for the rights and interests of nurses. Our platform includes fighting for fair wages and benefits, improving working conditions, and ensuring safe staffing levels. We also believe in promoting diversity and inclusion within the nursing profession, and in supporting the professional development of all nurses.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a stronger and more responsive union that truly represents the interests of its members. We hear you. Member emails deserve swift and respectful responses. Unit level problems deserve unit level solutions, because nobody knows your work and and your unit better than you do. By working together and advocating for our rights, we can build a better future for all nurses.

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