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Caucus FAQs

  • Is this another decertification attempt?
    No. We strongly believe in what MNA-UMPNC has strived to be over the past 48 years.
  • Are we allowed to form a caucus?
    Yes! Caucuses are a basic component of democracy and are a commonly used tool within unions.
  • Does ACT support MNA and UMPNC?
    Yes! We are proud members of MNA-UMPNC and support building internal relationships with fellow nurses and health care workers in MNA and NNU.
  • What is organizing?
    The employer likes to keep us under control and keep us from recognizing our own power by propagating fear, hopelessness, division, and confusion. How do we combat that? Organize! What does that look like? We build hope and unity by tackling issues unit by unit. We push back on the boss together at the local level and enforce our contract every single time they step outside of it, especially on the settled issues. We want to build a member-driven union where nurses recognize our collective power and stop taking no for an answer when it comes to protecting ourselves and our patients. How do we start? By showing up. We have had multiple units push back on the boss by ALL showing up to meetings where unwelcome changes are being discussed. It is amazing to watch a boss step back when confronted by a room full of nurses with facts on why their latest plan will not work. If this is not effective, we have leaders who are willing to help you escalate campaigns for issues you and your coworkers feel widely and deeply. Those can include petitions, sticker campaigns, targeted ADO campaigns, escalation of workload language, working with other units with the same issues, and speaking out to the regents or the public. Whatever is needed to protect us and our patients. Together, we can make change when we win. When we don’t, we learn for the next phase of the struggle. If we don’t fight for our nursing practice, who will?
  • Do my dues support ACT?
    No MNA or UMPNC funds or resources have been used in the creation or maintenance of any ACT materials or resources. MNA-UMPNC nurses who are ACT supporters continue to give of their own personal time and resources to help this movement grow. This is a movement of the membership.
  • Why be part of a caucus instead of just being UMPNC?
    We are proud to be MNA-UMPNC members, and ACT is a way to support our union and its leadership, with a focus on shaping our union towards the values ACT believes in. ACT members are active MNA-UMPNC members, participating as workload members, delegates to the MNA House, reps, officers, committee members, etc. We support UMPNC efforts like turning out at the Regents meetings, rounding, and tabling. We believe in the right of all union members to have their voices heard. We believe that a union’s strength lies in its members, and this caucus seeks to increase that strength by empowering the rank-and-file.
  • What is a caucus?
    A caucus is one of the best ways to organize for democracy, transparency, and ultimately reform of your union. It’s similar to a committee, but operates independently from union officials. A caucus is a self-initiated group, made up of union members who typically share a vision for a better union-- in this case, one that is member-driven, democratic, transparent, and committed to changing the balance of power in the workplace. Establishing a union caucus allows members to organize and pursue their goals collaboratively and aim to reform their union for the better.
  • What is the definition of "rank-and-file?"
    Rank-and-file are union members who do not hold a union office. We believe in a fundamentally member-led organization. The power of the union is in the rank-and-file members.
  • What does ACT believe?
    In brief, we believe in a well informed and actively engaged union that is grounded in its membership. MNA-UMPNC nurses ARE the union, not just served by their leadership! We have the right to ask questions and expect accountability; we have the responsibility to get involved and be part of the solution. For more details about what we believe, see the ACT homepage.
  • How do I get involved with ACT?
    Do you feel like you align with our values and the ways we want to live them out? Fill out the form on the “Join” page!
Our Mission
Questions about the caucus or the candidates? Want to get involved? Reach out! We'd love to chat.

Thank You for Reaching Out!

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